Game & Watch

This ties in a bit more with what we were going over a couple weeks ago regarding how games are made, the development process, and looking at early Atari-era game production, but this is still a rather interesting interview between Satoru Iwata and the guys who originally worked on Nintendo’s Game & Watch systems in the 70’s. There’s a lot of overlap with how they went about making things and how western game developers went about, this part sounds like it was practically ripped right out of the article on Valve’s Cabal process:

“Kano: It was important throughout the entire Game & Watch series that when a player messed up, they realized the game wasn’t being unfair.

Izushi: They would think, “I’ll try again!”
Yamamoto: If a ball fell and the player was certain that he or she had caught it but the game said otherwise, it would be frustrating.”
It’s also neat when they talk about just how much work went into making the games (early versions had no programing and were done entirely through hardware) and how that process evolved. In tying in with what we were talking about this week, it’s also neat to see how these games were made with so few people – with everyone handling several aspects of development – and yet pumped out so quickly.

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