Scratch Project: Attack of the Space Octopi

Here’s the finalized version of my scratch game project. A quick explanation, though I don’t think it’s necessary. I originally wanted to create something that would sort of represent life, how we have to avoid obstacles and reach our goals. That ended up being harder then expected, especially with my limited artistic talents, so I ended up going with something a bit more metaphoric (I slapped on the subtitle A Game About the Inevitability and Unpredictability of Death in order to show the original theme I wanted to convey), and because it took me longer than I expected to tweak the enemies so that they acted a little less predictably, I also ended up with something a bit more simplified. Still, the game has a beginning (click to start) middle (avoid the enemies) and end (eventually you get killed by the Space Octopi – this is unavoidable).

So anyway, there’s that.


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