Roger Ebert, the proclaimed film critic, once made a statement claiming that video games could never be art. In response to this statement, Kellee Santiago, video game designer and producer for ThatGameCompany (Flow, Flower), gave  a TED talk discussing the concept of video games as art (video above). Her talk is a bit scattered, but there are still some interesting ideas to take away from the talk.

While Ebert has since recounted his opinion by stating that he should never have mentioned video games in the first place (though he cleverly does not concede that video games are art), between his initial statements, Santiago’s response, and Ebert’s blog post in response to Santiago’s talk, the discussion was opened up, and there is no stopping the debate currently going on between those who follow Ebert’s beliefs, that is, those who believe that video games are not art, and those who fall in line with Santiago, those who believe that video games can be, and already are, art.

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